Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The countdown continues...

I'm back! After a few very busy days and some issues with internet going out so I couldn't post, I am back to play some catch up! Here are all of the past few days' reasons why I am looking forward to July 15!!

Well, I never said I was perfect! 

Day 4:
Presents!!!! No explanation needed because everyone loves gifts! :)

Day 5:
Because 26 means I am finally a true adult! 25 is about the last big birthday one has before getting into the "decade birthdays" like 30 and 50, so 26 means no more messing around. I have to actually be a grown up! That is scary and exciting at the same time!

Day 6:
Because Ella is just as excited about my birthday as I am! Every time I tell her that my birthday is coming she starts to clap and laugh. And then she gets even more excited when I say that birthdays=balloons!!! Honestly, I think she has me beat in the enthusiasm department. Even I'm not jumping up and down with excitement, well at least not in front of people.

Day 7:
Because I am already thinking about the food and cake that comes along with birthdays! That alone is enough reason to be happy it's your birthday. I don't know whether KT will take me out to eat or cook dinner at home, but I know that it will be delicious either way. Although, the Melting Pot does sound pretty yummy right now...

Anyone else's birthday coming up? What are your plans? Looking forward to reading the comments!! Maybe I'll get some great ideas for what I want to do for mine!

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