Monday, July 14, 2014

Last day of the countdown!

Happy Birthday!

The countdown is finally ending! Tomorrow is the big day. I am less than one hour away from being 26! I'll admit that this last week has had me panicking a little. I think I hit a bit of a quarter-life crisis. I started freaking out when I thought about where I thought I would be in my life versus where I actually am. It doesn't exactly match up very well. I had a completely different vision for my life actually. So when I thought about being 26 and not having hit all of the milestones I expected to have already passed by now, I went into meltdown mode a few times. But I pulled it together. Mainly because of one little girl I know. Anytime I started thinking about how things were "supposed" to be, I just focused on her. She's better than anything I could have imagined for my life.

And she also happens to be the very last reason of why I am excited to new turning 26 tomorrow. Ella. Because no matter how my birthday turns out or how many meltdowns I have when something doesn't turn out the way I expect during the next year, I know that she makes everything worth it. She brings joy into my life that would never have been possible without her. So why am I happy that tomorrow is my birthday? Because I'll be woken up in the morning (at 7:06AM) by the happiest little girl to wish me a happy birthday. And then all day she will be the one that outs the biggest smile on my face. And I know that every birthday is better because she is with me to celebrate it! 

Happy Early Birthday To Me!! 

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