Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Hooray! It's Independence Day! It's day to remember how fortunate we all are to live in a country where we are free! And it is especially a day to remember all of the brave men and women that have fought for that freedom. And since we live in a country where we are free, we get to celebrate with BBQ and fireworks! Yay! So Happy Birthday America, I'll drink one for you!

Luckily, KT got to get off work early today, so we are about to grill some ribeyes and get ready to head out to watch the fireworks show, Thunde on the Mountain, here in Birmingham. It's our first time to see it and it is supposed to be a pretty spectacular show. Here's hoping!

Earlier today I was trying to think of my favorite Fourth of July memory, and I came up with the time we spent the 4th down in Orlando visiting my uncle, aunt, and cousins. We went to a high school football stadium that evening to watch the Universal Studios fireworks show which was happening across the street. And it was fantastic! Definitely my favorite fireworks show that I have seen. I'm really hoping that tonight's show delivers! I know Ella will be completely entranced. I expect a lot of "MOMMY!!! MOMMY!! MOMMY!!" and finger pointing at the sky while she watches it.

My baby in her runway pose!
What are your plans for this evening? Catching any fireworks shows? What are some of your favorite memories from past 4th of Julys? I look forward to reading all about it in the comments!

Also, today is Day 3 of "Why I am grateful to be turning 26! (Okay, so actually it is Day 4 but I was lazy and didn't post yesterday! My bad!)
Today's reason:
When thinking about my age, I don't ever really focus on a number as much. I focus on how I feel. And since having Ella, I feel like I am getting to relive my childhood all over again. I get to see everything from her point of view and that allows me to enjoy things so much more. So I am happy to know that even though I am turning another year older, I feel like every experience is brand new again. Having her also makes me spend the majority of my day laughing, which definitely makes me feel like a child! So bring it on 26 because thanks to Ella, I have no fear of getting OLD!!

What makes you feel young again?? And when you think of age, do you see it as a number or a feeling? Let me know!!


christy brown said...

I remember that! It was at Dr. Phillips High School. So much fun! To answer one of your questions, age is just a number!! You are as old/young as you feel!!

Lyndsey Mosley said...

That's the name of it! I couldn't remember it. It was a fun year. So was the time we were on the riverboat!