Sunday, July 27, 2014

Have you voted for Ella yet?

Only about a week left to vote for Ella in her beautiful babies contest! Get your votes in today! We are currently only 15 votes away from Ella breaking into the top 12, so every vote counts! And we really need your votes! Unfortunately, Ella had a lot of votes that didn't get registered because the contest administrators are having issues with the site. It is currently not registering votes from some mobile devices and tablets. If you have already voted from a mobile device and are not sure if your vote counted, please re-vote from a desktop computer or laptop!  I know this is an inconvenience, but we really appreciate it! If you have not voted yet, please use a desktop or laptop if you can. If you don't have access to one of those, please make sure that when you vote from your phone or tablet that the total number of her votes increases by one to reflect your vote! 

For full instructions and information about the contest, please click the link above to read my previous post. To go straight to the contest to vote, click here

Few reminders:
Like the page of the contest (Legacy Credit Union) to be able to vote (you must have a Facebook) 
Search my name (Dani Mosley) to easily find her picture if it doesn't pop up automatically
Enter an email address in the box above the vote button to be able to cast your vote

And most importantly, 

SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!! To get as many votes as we can, we have to spread the word around! You can share this blog post or just share the contest itself on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, etc. SHARE!!! SHARE!!! SHARE!!!

Please and thank you! :) 

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