Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Need a break!!

Today was the day where I reached the breaking point. I have been stuck in the house for days---thanks polar vortex, KT has been working up to 18 hours a day, Ella is going through a whiny phase, and I had to get out!!!

I am literally sitting in the Starbucks inside of Barnes & Noble writing this, applying for jobs, and working on my book. And it is exactly what I needed. I was going stir-crazy in the house. KT and Ella were definitely bearing the brunt of my frustration. I was snapping at both of them constantly. And KT is in just as bad of a mood from being so tired from working so much, so we were just feeding off of each other's negativity. It was a vicious cycle. Not to mention that Ella is going through the worst whiny phase right now, so she is constantly just whining for attention, juice, snacks, anything really. I'm pretty sure that she doesn't even know why she is whining half the time. So I definitely had a bad day for following through with my no yelling resolution. I knew this point was coming soon and today I just had to do nothing except get out of the house.

I also think I am having some issues with the fact that I got a taste of going back to work and getting to have adult interaction, and now I am back to only talking to a one year old for hours upon hours. I love being home with Ella, but I gotta find some friends up here that are available to get together. I know a couple people, but it is so hard to coordinate schedules. What I really need is time with girlfriends away from the kids for a while!! I think I need a vacation too. Man, I need a lot right now. Maybe Ella gets this whiny thing honestly....


Anonymous said...

You might see if they have a local M.O.P.S up was a wonderful break for me when I had Randi....she went to a daycare room to play with other children her age while I had time with other Moms doing crafts or listening to a speaker ...all about being a Mom and a nice break is a Christian based group. It really was wonderful though. I really know how you feel though.I was there. Still feel like it sometimes now :) Can't wait to read your book though!! :)

Lyndsey Mosley said...

I haven't heard of those. I know they have some moms day out programs up but that's just a drop off style daycare. I'll look into those! Thank you!