Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hormones are a B***h

Seriously. Crazy hormones=crazy crying sessions convinced you are the worst mom ever. Well, they do for me at least. I suppose I should give a bit of the backstory here. First of all, I have the Nexplanon, which means my hormones haven't been right in over a year. Most days I can just control it better. Some days, like tonight, they send me over the edge.

It all started because Ella has a diaper rash. And KT believes that I left a potty diaper on her for too long and that caused the rash. He says that two days in a row, he woke up, and she had pottied and I had not yet changed it. Yes, this happened. I apparently didn't realize that I needed to check her diaper every 5 minutes to ensure that she didn't potty right before he woke up. Now keep in mind, he has been working overnights for a few days so he has actually been sleeping during the day and only has a couple hours a day to be able to spend with us. So this means that I take care of her pretty much all day everyday, which is usually no big deal. Not until tonight. I said she has a diaper rash and he responds that it is because I left two diapers on her too long (even though he has no idea how long either diaper was actually on her). Because I'm on crazy hormone schedule right now, I basically take this as him telling me I'm a terrible mother. Is this rational? No, not at all. Does he think I'm a bad mother? No. Am I bad mother? No. Is Ella well taken care of by both of her parents? Yes. Does all of this call me down?


Thus, I am crying while I lay in bed beside Ella as she sleeps because I'm convinced KT called me a bad mom. Thanks to my irrational, crazy, overly-dramatic hormones!

****I am not responsible for anything I post during this current state. Blame it on the hormones.****

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