Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guest writer opportunities!

I have been thinking about some ways to update the blog. I decided that some recurrent themed posts would be a great way to give all of you guys something to look forward to regularly. One of the posts I decided upon doing was featuring posts written by guest writers. This is open to anyone that wants to do some blogging and writing. You do not have to have any experience or anything like that. But if you have been thinking about starting your own blog, this is a great way to get some exposure to the blogging life and to also gain readers. If you already have a blog, then this is a great way to open your blog up to new readers and increase traffic to your blog. (You are welcome to feature your guest post on your blog as well!) And if blogging is nowhere in your future but you just feel like doing some writing, then this is great for you too! :)

So what should you write about? ANYTHING!! I said when I started this blog that although this blog was centered around parenting, I wanted to be able to blog about anything that I felt like. That could be anything from a great book I read or want to read, current affairs, or even just venting from having a rough day. This anything-goes policy applies to guest writers as well. Mommies need breaks from the everyday life of being a mommy, so a funny post about how your day was could be just the thing that can offer us the break and laugh we need! Posts can be humorous, enlightening, sad, or any other emotion you are feeling. So if you do feel like writing a post about parenting, great! If not, great! :) You don't have to be a mommy or daddy to be a guest writer! Posts can also be the length of your choice, but I find that what I think will be a short post always goes longer than I expect! By the way, guest writing one post does not mean you can't do another one! This can actually turn into a recurrent thing for you if you find you really enjoy it!

Okay, so how do you become a guest writer? Just shoot me an e-mail with your info (name, blog {if you have one}, social media site if you want to share, post topic, and date of expected completion). I'll respond letting you know I received your e-mail, what day your post will be put on the blog, and with any questions I may have. Then all you have to do is send me the completed post by the date that you said. Also, a great way to familiarize yourself with readers is to have a short synopsis of who you are. This just lets people know a little about you and your story. Please include your bio in either of the e-mails you send.

My e-mail is

My hope is to have enough people willing to participate that this is able to become a weekly topic. So don't hold back! Sign up to be a guest writer today! And don't be afraid to say you want to do multiple posts. I welcome everyone wishing to participate! If you know someone that loves to write and would love this, please share with them!

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This is a very smart idea!