Friday, June 14, 2013

Pictures of Chattanooga vacation

 Ella loved the pizza diner car!
 Locked away with Jaws!! Still got time for kisses though! :)
 Just arrived to our hotel/renovated train station!
 Chattanooga Choo-Choo, our hotel!
 Seeing how Ella measures up compared to the penguins!
 In the butterfly room!
 The view from the top of Look Out Mountain! You can see seven states! It was fun, even in the rain!
 Ruby Falls! Ella's favorite part of the entire trip! This is one of the rare pictures when we could tear her eyes away from the waterfall!
 Dipping her toes in the stream outside of the Tennessee Aquarium!
 Tourist-y pic in the hotel! :)
 I love this one!
 Inside the "diamond" cavern at Rock City!
And our hotel once again!
We had such a great time on our first family vacation!!

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Angela Mosley said...

You have THE most beautiful family!! I want to snuggle that fat Ella baby!! lol ♥